Terms of Service

Terms of Service

DEOD membership benefits begin as soon as the prospective member signs up, the membership application is approved by Impaired Driving Specialists LLC, and the sign-up payment is processed. Once the membership application is approved and the sign-up payment is processed, the DEOD member will have complete access to the members only content available at sign up.

Membership renewals are automatically processed monthly on the anniversary of the member’s original sign up and will continue without renewal notice until cancelled. Should the member cancel after their monthly renewal date, their monthly renewal is non-refundable and their membership will continue until the end of that monthly billing period. At the end of that monthly billing period, the member will no longer have access to the DEOD members only content. Membership cancellations can be made any time by visiting the Membership Profile page.

The monthly membership renewal fee will be locked in at the time of sign up for as long as the membership remains active. If the member chooses to cancel their membership and their initial sign up fee and/or monthly renewal fee is lower than the current listed membership fee (a “grandfathered” price), the lower initial sign up fee and/or lower monthly renewal fee will no longer be available if the member chooses to reapply for membership. If the member chooses to renew their membership after it has been cancelled, the member will be charged the current listed fee for the membership. The older or grandfathered fee to the member’s new renewal will not apply.

Privacy Policy

DUI Expert On Demand training videos, training podcasts, and Case Analysis Forms/Checklists are for the exclusive use of DUI Expert On Demand members and shall not be shared with non-members. Credential sharing, as well as any form of copying, distributing, or sharing of any DUI Expert On Demand content is strictly prohibited and any evidence of such is grounds for immediate removal from the membership without a refund.